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Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal

Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal provides convenient, on-demand lab data to ensure site efficiency and reduce rework.

Highlights issues and areas of action

Facilitates efficient data management

Enables comprehensive tracking of results

Value it Brings to the Outcome of a Trial

The Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal provides clinical trial investigator sites near-real time access to test results and trends. With easy-to-navigate dashboards and an intuitive user interface to track your trial, you can quickly identify and act upon issues.


Timely access to your central laboratory testing data is essential. By providing near real-time information, the Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal helps to reduce the risk of rework at sites, increase efficiency with up-to-date, version-controlled documents and improve collaboration between the study team and investigators. With secure online access, you can view all relevant laboratory information at any time in order to see trends at a site or subject level, download and print multiple documents, view site communications and actions and enable more timely follow-up.

Benefits of Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal

  • Transparent
    • near real-time access to results
    • on-screen results and trend charts, allowing investigators to quickly identify and act upon results that are out of range
  • Efficient
    • ability to download and print multiple documents, enabling efficient management of lab reports
    • easy-to-read graphical representations of on-screen results
    • ability to view relevant laboratory information anytime, anywhere
  • Effective
    • capacity to increase site efficiency
    • streamlined document review process, highlighting whether documents have been read and by whom 
Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal

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