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A collection of nonclinical studies & assays; customization is possible.

Blood gas assays

Blood gas assays

Below are the ABL 80 CO-OX automated analyzer assays to support nonclinical research studies: 

pH, cHCO3-, pCO2, cBase (Ecf), cBase (Base), ctHb, FMethHb%, Anion Gap (K+), cNa+, cCl-, cK+, cCa²+ and cCa+ (7.40) 

Automated blood gas analyzers measure blood gas tension values including oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and blood pH and bicarbonate levels. Arterial or venous blood is analyzed and results assist in monitoring renal and lung function including ventilation, respiration and oxygenation by aiding in identification of acidosis (e.g., lactic, metabolic or respiratory) and alkalosis states. Additionally, methemoglobin and carboxyhemoglobin levels can be measured and used to assess oxygen carrying capacity and potential exposures to certain test articles or xenobiotics. 

Please contact us for research model capabilities, venous vs. arterial capabilities and sample collection tube types. The short stability of these types of parameters allow for analysis only on studies conducted at the test facility.

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