Improving Patient Retention with Flexible, Patient-Centric Sample Collections

Beyond the challenge of recruiting the right patients to enroll in a study, sponsors must also ensure that patients remain enrolled and are able to complete the study requirements. Patient dropout can also impact the timeline to reach the market, where each day that a new drug is delayed may result in loss of hundreds of millions in potential revenue. Sponsors have been searching for a solution to reduce patient burden and increase retention, ensuring an enhanced clinical trial experienced for patients. By creating an enterprise solution that leverages the Labcorp network of 1900+ Patient Service Centers (PSCs) along with our patient contact centers and central laboratories, we are now delivering on this vision. In this case study, Labcorp was selected to conduct a Phase II clinical trial for an asthma drug in the U.S. The study design required participants to provide monthly blood draws for safety monitoring. Samples were shipped to the Labcorp Central Laboratory Services (Labcorp CLS) facility in Indianapolis and processed within 24 hours. A study participant in Miami completed their first blood draw in December. During the process of scheduling the next monthly blood draw, our dedicated patient concierge team discovered that the subject had an unexpected trip to New York City, which would have normally resulted in the patient missing the visit window and dropping out of the study as specified in the protocol.

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