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The Labcorp Decentralized Clinical Trial Approach

The Labcorp Decentralized Clinical Trial Solution reimagines clinical trials through a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to reduce patient burden, optimize site workflow through platform singularity and streamline delivery to help you accomplish your trial goals including Extend Patient Reach (Beyond the investigative sites), Accelerate Study Timelines (patient recruitment, study completion), Include More Diverse Patient Populations (ethnicities, races, ages), Optimize Delivery (vendor consolidation, cost reduction, increased trial resiliency), Capture Objective Data (real-world settings, in-between visits), Increase Site and Patient Centricity (more convenience, less burden). Built in, not bolted on. Labcorp brings the clinical trial to the patient, with an integrated ecosystem of patient services. We make the process "virtually" effortless. Labcorp Decentralized Clinical Trials transforms the recruitment, execution and outcomes of clinical and post-marketing trials

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