Reconstructed Plate-Based 3D Screening Assays That Predict In Vivo Responses

AACR 2022 -- Labcorp has employed 3D model systems co-developed with zPREDICTA to create preclinical models to address the increasing relevance of 3D in vitro models. These organ-specific models support tumor cell growth and mimic the composition and architecture of both solid tumors and hematological malignancies. While 2D in vitro assays are preferred for screening efforts of chemical libraries, mainly because of cost, they do not recapitulate the tumor architecture and the microenvironment that is more comparable to in vivo models. This results in differences in pharmacological potencies of standard of care (SoC) agents when compared to the 3D and in vivo models. Here we have used zPREDICTA 3D culture models as a tool for in vitro screening of tumor cell lines and compare the response of the model in 2D, 3D and in vivo to standard of care agents. Specifically, the 3D in vitro system correlates well with breast and lung carcinoma in vivo models when matching rank order of potencies of known SoC agents. These 3D platforms are predictive and relevant at the same time.

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