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Build a comprehensive access strategy

Develop and synthesize powerful evidence

Effectively communicate compelling value to your stakeholders

Every stage of your product’s development presents an opportunity to maximize product value. With experience spanning every stage of product discovery, development and commercialization, we are uniquely positioned to deliver market access solutions designed to dynamically explore and unlock your product’s market potential.

A Complex, Ever-Changing Marketplace

There are new barriers you face to profitability. New economic drivers, decision-makers, reimbursement models and regulations impact the way your product moves through the development process. 

  • Payers are in the driver’s seat. The shift from prescriber to patient-driven health choices is now the norm. Payments will increasingly be determined by outcomes, rather than intermediate outcomes or device utilities.

  • You need to demonstrate more than clinical efficacy and safety to secure reimbursement.

  • National healthcare systems have changed. Cost pressures are pushing the scrutiny of product value. Products need to deliver what they promise, as more regulators are controlling pricing and reimbursement.

  • A restructured healthcare industry. Tighter budgets and downsizing has contributed to an increased reliance on clients outsourcing specialist skills. Market access and value communication strategies are a necessity for products as early as Phase I.  The earlier you begin creating your value story, the greater the potential reward.

The marketplace imperative is communicating how and why your drug will deliver value. Labcorp is the only company that can partner with you, from discovery through commercialization, to maximize the value of your product.

A complex marketplace demands a value-based strategy.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions designed to dynamically explore and unlock your compound’s market potential from discovery through commercialization and beyond. Our Consulting experts partner with you to transform data into actionable insights, revealing opportunities to better build value.

Services to Define Strategy.

Assessing and identifying the optimal connection between products and markets is essential to rewarding results. Our experts can collaborate with you to develop:

  • Burden of illness evaluation

  • Treatment pathway and guidelines assessment

  • Competitor pricing, reimbursement and HTA review

  • Coverage, coding and payment analysis

  • Current and future policy assessment

  • Market sizing and revenue forecasting

  • Early product assessment

  • Positioning and launch strategy

  • HEOR strategy

Develop and Synthesize Evidence

Compelling evidence is essential for gaining market access and achieving the best possible price for your product. Our experts can partner with you to develop a validated, evidence-based value proposition through services including:

  • Trial and endpoint optimization

  • Pricing/WTP research and strategy

  • Comparative / real-world safety evaluation

  • Comparative / real-world effectiveness evaluation

  • PRO / ClinRO development and validation

  • PRO / ClinRO assessment

  • Utilization/cost study

  • Preference/adherence study

  • Health economic assessment

  • Value proposition development and testing

Communicate Value

Establish your product’s need in the marketplace to tell – and sell – your story through multiple communications tools and channels, to the right decision-makers with the following services:

  • Health economic and market access training

  • Value dossiers / monographs

  • Value communication tools / toolkits

  • Slide decks / presentation tools

  • eLearning tools

  • Medical education and training

  • Disease awareness tools

  • Publication planning and support

  • Reimbursement / HTA submissions

  • Regulatory dossiers

  • Policy and regulatory support

  • Field support / patient provider support

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