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Unique design innovations. World-class technologies. Connecting everyday people to medicines.

Maximizing the efficiency of Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) is critical in achieving the greatest possible access to life changing medicines for the under- and un-insured. As innovators in Patient Assistance Programs for the last 30 years, we have the experience and capabilities to design and deliver programs that will achieve your current goals, building-in flexibility to evolve with the unique needs of your products, patients and providers into the future.

Our Patient Assistance Programs are designed to optimize patient engagement and program qualification with the appropriate use of technology, with built-in program flexibility to evolve with your product throughout its life.

A unique design approach that ensures maximum program efficiency over the life-cycle of your product(s):

  • Proven, best-in-class technologies that offer a high degree of automation for processing patient applications and re-enrollments, making eligibility determinations, and completing shipments and refills
  • “Around the clock” delivery model leveraging our talented global team members to significantly improve speed to inquiry resolution and program cost efficiency
  • Highly skilled, multi-location US call center experts specializing in service delivery across all therapeutic areas, particularly in complex markets.
  • Comprehensive non-commercial pharmacy services that seamlessly integrate with the program for accurate and timely product fulfilment
  • An unrelenting focus on delivering a positive patient experience and data driven insights that inform you of patient, product and market developments
  • Complete and reliable compliance and safety monitoring capabilities

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