New Capabilities from Acquisition of GlobalCare Clinical Trials, LLC

GlobalCare, a globally recognized industry leader in patient-centric decentralized clinical trials (DCTs)

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Labcorp Drug Development has completed the transaction to acquire GlobalCare, a globally recognized industry leader in patient-centric decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). The acquisition of GlobalCare will expand the DCTs offering into global markets and help us meet your growing demand for patient-centric trial designs. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased sponsor interest and need for resilient DCT designs as sites restricted on-site visits, eliminating all but the most essential procedures. Moreover, the growing use of mobile health technologies as part of clinical research represents a new paradigm in patient-centric clinical research. Meeting patients where they are has become the new reality. With GlobalCare, we will be able to more effectively and efficiently reduce your costs while offering convenient, time-saving solutions for patients. Incorporation of GlobalCare services into our streamlines your vendor management and contracting process.


  • Delivers DCT services including mobile phlebotomy and mobile nursing in over 65 countries

  • Enhances the company's ability to reduce patient burden across key therapeutic areas such as oncology, infectious diseases, vaccines, neurology and endocrinology/metabolic.

  • Enables accelerated recruitment, enhanced compliance and increased retention through a network of country coordinators and local service providers

350 years of combined clinical trial experience

Key Service Areas Supporting DCTs

Mobile Healthcare Services

  • Study drug administration (infusion, injection, topical)
  • Blood draws (safety labs, pharmacokinetics, genomics)
  • Other biologic sampling (nasopharyngeal and oral mucosal swabs, urine)
  • Clinical assessments (vital signs, body weight, ECGs, concomitant medications, signs/symptoms)
  • Patient training and education (e.g., self-administration, devices)
  • Study compliance checks (patient diary, drug storage)
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Patient chaperoning services to sites
  • Call center services

Site Support Services

  • “Just-in-time” support on site
  • Chart review for potential patients
  • Scheduling patients for screening visits
  • Assistance with on-site tests and assessment
  • Data entry

Central and Local Pharmacy Services

  • Secure, temperature-controlled, limited-access storage
  • Compounding, mixing and dispensing
  • Shipping to sites/patients following cold chain logistics
  • Sourcing of commercial products and devices (infusion pumps)
  • Pharmacy supplies 
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