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Phases of Development

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It takes a range of solutions to move from discovery to post-market studies during the course of a molecule's lifecycle development. 

As your one source for drug, device, agrochemical or industrial chemical development and testing, we can work with you at every stage — and across every stage — to provide comprehensive development services, tailored to your unique development needs. 

Development Phase Approaches 

Many sponsors develop products along two primary pathways: Proceed study-by-study or choose a more programmatic/end-point approach. 

Study-by-Study Development

In this model, you move through the phases of testing and development one study at a time. You'll select from a variety of standard or custom studies in these types of disciplines.

Programmatic Development 

In this model, you select a programmatic endpoint or goal within the phases you want to reach--for example, IND/CTA; FIH; NDA--and then work closely with a team to help you navigate through the regulatory and study requirements to accomplish that goal. 

Drug Development Journey Map

Regardless of where you are in your development journey, you can propel your path forward efficiently with one partner. 


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