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DNA / RNA Expression Analysis

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  • Real-time PCR

    We use a StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR System that can read four different colors in a 96-well plate and supports assays such as SNP genotyping, gene expression analysis, microRNA expression, translocation analysis, and gene detection. Our PCR specialists can help you to determine the expression of specific genes in cultured cells, fresh tissues, or frozen tissues. Whether you need to measure the expression of genes in different cell lines, strains of mice, tissues, or tumors, or monitor the expression of different genes with different treatments, our PCR specialists can help you design a study that’s right for you.

  • Cell line STR profile

    Genetic instability of some cell lines can result in changes at the DNA level that can compromise research results. Cell line authentication via STR (short tandem repeat) analysis will ensure that the research is being conducted on the correct cells, maximizing reliable results, supporting publication efforts, and reducing the risk of wasted time and resources. Authenticate your cell lines by comparing the STR results to those in published sources. The STR profile of newly generated cell lines should be established so that the STR profile of future passages can be compared and the stability of the DNA can be monitored. We collaborate with a partner laboratory that specializes in STR profiling techniques and analysis.

  • Cell line and tumor gene expression profiling

    Gene expression profiling is the measurement of the activity (the expression) of thousands of genes at once to create a global picture of cellular function. The RNA is sequenced using next-generation sequencing, quantified, and aligned to thousands of known RNA sequences from specific genes. These profiles can, for example, distinguish between cells that are actively dividing, show how the cells react to a particular treatment, or determine which genes are differentially expressed in different cell lines, strains of mice, tissues, or tumors. Labcorp collaborates with a partner laboratory that specializes in sequencing the RNA. Once we obtain the sequencing information, we have the software to quantify, align, and analyze the data. We can compare the expression of single genes, sets of related genes, groups of pathway-specific or process-specific genes, and entire genomes between samples and display the comparative results in straightforward graphs and figures.

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