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Metastasis Models

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Metastatic disease accounts for the majority of cancer-related mortalities. The genes and proteins involved in metastasis have long been sought after as potential therapeutic targets. Our tumor portfolio contains a number of proprietary, efficient and reproducible metastasis models.

CTPET, and optical imaging technologies provide rapid, non-invasive, highly efficient, and accurate determination of drug response in these models. In particular bioluminescence imaging, through the use of luciferase-enabled tumor lines, is a highly efficient method for tracking metastatic disease. The metastasis models we use are evaluated for reproducible growth characteristics in vivo and are available for both preventative and staged-treatment testing.

In order to establish metastasis models, varying types of transmission modes include:

  • Spontaneous metastasis from implanted solid tumors

  • Intracardiac cell injection

  • Intravenous cell injection

  • Intrasplenic cell injection

  • Peritibial implantation

We continually develop and optimize new metastasis models.

Natural killer (NK) cells first earned their title as “killers” nearly 40 years ago when researchers observed the rapid immune response of these lymphocytes as they destroyed host cells infected with a virus or tumor cells. It seemed that NK cells could attach spontaneously without prior activation.

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