h1 Title of spotlight: Do not capitalize every word (use sentence phrase capitalization) 

Author: Name is not bolded
Date: Month Year

Set the opening paragraph to the quote style to separate it from the rest of the text. 
This is body copy style 

Use H2 Headings, Not Bolded


Use H3 Headings

Run images full width in the panel. (You'll end up w/ separate text and image components)

Make all Figure & Table para/sentences italices. 

Attach the Contact Us button to the last paragraph of the main content. Do not hyperlink any text call to actions. 


1Use subscripts and no italices for the references. 
2Delete the reference raea if there are no references; delete the animal information if it is not relevant, but it will be relevant on most articles. 
Note: Please note that all animal care and use was conducted according to animal welfare regulations in an AAALAC-accredited facility with IACUC protocol review and approval.

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