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Moving with urgency takes determination, ingenuity and passion. It also takes innovating where it matters most.

The decision to invest more than $700 million in the past five years in Early Development all started with listening to you. These initiatives have spanned the entire globe with a mission to expand capacity, enhance technology and produce new ways of working to ensure you have the insight, speed and flexibility you need to advance your development programs and pursue answers to life-changing breakthroughs. The Fall 2021 edition of our SparC of Innovation magazine details how these investments create a more capable and adaptable Early Development infrastructure for your studies. 

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“All of the investments we’ve ever made, let alone made in the last five years, were based on what customers told us. That’s why they’ve been successful. We’re listening to our customers.”

– Steve Street, President, Early Development

Go behind the scenes with Early Development President, Steve Street, to learn how your ideas are turning into new innovations at Labcorp

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$700 million investment in nonclinical development

Global site expansions
New technology
Digital transformation
New efficiency models

Read about our globe-spanning investments featured in SparC of Innovation

See how we are expanding our Early Development capabilities all over the world. We’re growing fast, so be sure to check back soon to catch up on the newest updates.


Asia Pacific Expansion: Broadening the borders of drug development

The Asia Pacific region accounts for 15 percent of the drug development pipeline today. It’s a rapidly growing region with increasing demands for innovative healthcare solutions. Recognizing this potential, we have expanded our Shanghai drug development facility by 50 percent to give you greater access to this bustling market. 

Preclinical Oncology Renovation: Fully invested in your fight against cancer from the very beginning

The fight against cancer starts in the lab. That’s why we’ve invested in a renovation that doubled the size of our preclinical oncology facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here you can discover enhanced capabilities and greater capacity to speed up your preclinical oncology programs.


New Vivarium Wing in Münster: More space for science and personalized medicine to run wild

Immuno-oncology. Biologics. Cell and gene therapies. This is the future of medicine. It’s more personalized, more complex and driving the need for highly technical nonclinical studies. To propel your personalized medicine pursuits, we’ve expanded our world-class facility in Münster, Germany. Learn more about this next-generation research facility.

For those in relentless pursuit of our planet’s sustainability and the welfare of humanity

Helping you develop sustainable products you can bring to markets around the globe is what motivated us to invest in our crop protection and chemical testing presence. At our newly expanded Greenfield, Indiana facility, you’ll find product development solutions and expert regulatory guidance. Find out more about your expanded options in the U.S.


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