Dr. Mark E. Arnold, Director of Science, Scientific Affairs

Dr. Mark Arnold is director of science in Scientific Affairs for Labcorp Bioanalytical Services and brings more than 35 years of bioanalytical experience to his role. He collaboratively develops the bioanalytical scientific and regulatory strategy to meet current and future client needs for ligand-binding, PCR, cell-based and LC-MS/MS assays to quantify drugs and metabolites, anti-drug antibodies and biomarkers in animal and clinical biological samples to support pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessments. 

Mark was previously executive director of the bioanalytical sciences department for a prominent pharmaceutical company. He received a BS in biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and PhD in pharmacology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is actively involved in the scientific community with the Land O’Lakes Bioanalytical Conference, was a co-founder of the Global Bioanalysis Consortium, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) (co-chair of both the AAPS Crystal City V and VI workshops on the FDA Draft Revised Guidance on Bioanalytical Method Validation and Biomarkers, 2021 Scientific Program Chair for PharmSci360) and is an AAPS Fellow (2014). Mark has more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and numerous invited national and international podium presentations.

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