Dr. Shashank Gorityala, Senior Manager and Lead for Large Molecule Bioanalysis

Dr. Shashank Gorityala, Senior Manager, LC-MS Large Molecule Bioanalysis

Dr. Shashank Gorityala has delivered several podium presentations and held volunteer leadership positions through the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) in the past few years. He earned his PhD in clinical bioanalytical chemistry from Cleveland State University, where he collaborated with Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, for research and training.

Shashank offers more than a decade of experience in LC-MS-based bioanalysis of small and large molecules. Shashank leads the discovery bioanalysis team and is the scientific lead for large molecule bioanalysis. His major contributions thus far have been in advancing capabilities for the bioanalysis of biologics via LC-MS at Labcorp. This includes intact mAb quantitation, integrated ADC payload and mAb analysis, drugs encapsulated within nanoparticles and biodistribution of lipid nanoparticles via PEG shedding. His work to develop a novel approach for analysis of unconjugated ADC payload helped to determine the choice of the matrix (serum vs. plasma) and develop a robust PK assay to support a clinical study. Also, the workflow on exploratory protein and lipid biomarkers in exosomes using LC-HRMS and bioinformatics tools has demonstrated for the first time to profile and integrate the biochemical role of the differentially regulated proteins and lipids from a single exosome sample. Putative protein and lipid biomarkers were identified for secondary cancers in HIV-1-infected human leukemic T-cells.

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