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Metabolism & PK Events

ADME/Human AME Virtual Symposium

Recent insights on optimizing your ADME/hAME study

Join labcorp and Arcinova for an engaging WebEx virtual symposium where experts will share insights in an interactive dialogue, exploring new approaches for optimizing your next ADME/hAME study.

 Key Questions (But Bring Your Own Questions Too!)

  • Why are ADME/human AME (hAME) studies required?
  • What are the regulatory requirements?
  • What are the pharmacy and radiosynthesis challenges?
  • What are the benefits to using an integrated preclinical to clinical approach? 

Choose Your Date | WebEx Symposium

Presentation content for each session will be the same, and we will allow time for questions. Session Duration: 75 minutes. 

  • 15 September @ 10 a.m. (UK)
  • 22 September @ 11 a.m. (UK)
  • 29 September @ 1 p.m. (UK)


John Kendrick | Director, Science & Commercial Strategy for Metabolism & Environmentalism | labcorp


Catherine Laing | Associate Scientific Director for Medical & Scientific Affairs | Clinical Pharmacology Services | labcorp


Eleanor Row | Head of Client Services | Arcinova

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