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Drug interactions in target populations

Drug-device combination


Smart: Make the transition to patients smarter

Waiting until you have a complete data package before designing your first patient study can waste time. We take innovative approaches to these shorter, scientifically demanding studies by parallel processing study feasibility and site assessments, incorporating relevant biomarkers and leveraging adaptive trial designs. Whether it's intensive PK sampling, complex procedures or requirements for overnight stays, we can help you find the right solution.

Flexible: Extend your proof-of concept (PoC) resources

A well thought-out PoC strategy starts with the development of your compound’s overall strategy combined with the breadth of services and resources to efficiently reach multiple project milestones faster. You don’t need the additional cost structure of an expensive pivotal Phase III trial. We help increase your clinical ROI by applying the right level of resources; medical, scientific and therapeutic expertise; and patient stratification strategies.

Global: Access the right patient populations

Clinical trial patient recruitment remains the primary reason trials fail to complete on time and skyrocket beyond projected budgets. It requires exploring new regions to access clinical investigators and developing new strategies to find the right patients.
We offer a network of patient facilities in more than 30 countries through well-established investigator relationships. We’ll identify the right investigators and sites to facilitate rapid study startup and targeted feasibility. You’ll access well-established investigator relationships and key opinion leaders.

End-to-end services. No matter where.

You want choices, we give you options. Drug development isn’t one-size-fits-all. We offer multiple study solutions to fit your needs. 

  • Drug interactions in target populations
  • PK
  • Biomarkers
  • Drug-device combination

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