Clinical Trial Lab Data

Timely access to your central laboratory testing data is essential

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Access Actionable Central Lab Data

The Xcellerate Lab portals allow sponsors and investigators to easily access near real-time views of clinical trial laboratory data in order to track study progress and drive informed decision-making.

Xcellerate Lab Sponsor Portal provides fast, efficient access to central laboratory data results in order to enable oversight of lab testing progress and facilitate improve collaboration with investigators. Xcellerate® LabLink+ allows sponsors to monitor the progress of time-sensitive lab kit inventory information and clinical trial laboratory test results from anywhere in the world.

Exclusively for investigator sites, Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal provides near-real time access to test results and trends. With easy to navigate dashboards and an intuitive user interface to track a trial, investigators can quickly identify and act upon issues.

The Xcellerate Lab portals are part of the Xcellerate suite of data and technology enabling solutions, which are designed to increase drug and medical device development efficiency, reduce timelines, improve compliance, and drive commercialization. 

Additional insights may be hidden in your samples

Analyzing data across multiple studies or across multiple laboratories can yield deeper insights, whether it’s understanding adverse events more clearly or fueling new discoveries. The GlobalCODE® specimen lifecycle management service – a stand-alone service offering -- combines codified informed consent with specimen, clinical and biomarker data from laboratory and other relevant sources to enable:

  • Tracking and reviewing test results within and across protocols
  • End-to-end sample lifecycle management with a unified view of sample metadata
  • Track full sample chain of custody to facilitate in-life trial risk management
  • Link consent at the sample level in a searchable format/report
  • Confirm allowed sample use in real-time to maximize the value of your biorepository

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