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Crafting and implementing a successful market access strategy can be one of the most challenging, yet vital, things to get right in order to ensure that a product is a commercial success. We believe that the best way to formulate an effective market access strategy is to understand and leverage product value, while ensuring that communication goals address the needs and priorities of stakeholders and payers.

Our consultants have deep expert knowledge of global pricing, reimbursement and market access process and considerations developed through years of supporting small to large pharmaceutical and device companies. We provide our clients with a truly consultative service – utilising in-house resources, and primary and secondary research – to help them successfully achieve, maximise and maintain market access success. 

Examples of typical payer insights and access projects that we undertake for clients are described below (note: the list is not exhaustive): 

Market Value Assessments

  • Disease incidence and prevalence assessment
  • Mapping current treatment pathways
  • Evaluating unmet need with current therapies
  • Market sizing and revenue forecasting modeling

Competitive Landscape Assessments

  • Identification of therapies currently used
  • Identification of pipeline therapies in the target indication
  • Trial design and outcomes of pipeline therapies

Market Access & Coverage / Reimbursement

  • Identification of key challenges in gaining market access approval
  • Review of previously evaluated therapies in the target indication
  • Regulatory pathways for the proposed product
  • Launch strategy
  • Reimbursement/coverage criteria for novel therapies
  • Pricing research of competitor products
  • Quantitative pricing research and recommendations for the proposed product

Stakeholder Testing

  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of product value messages
  • Validation of model structure, methodology, inputs and results
Active database of healthcare stakeholders in the EU

Therapeutic Areas With EU5 Clinical Stakeholders

Based on a total of 132 clinical stakeholders. Includes only therapy areas in which we have five or more clinical stakeholders in our database:
  • 17% Cardiovascular
  • 9% Diabetes
  • 8% Endocrine
  • 4% CNS
  • 29% Respiratory
  • 5% Infections and infestations
  • 7% Genitourinary
  • 7% Obstetrics and gynaecology
  • 14% Oncology

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