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A differentiated approach to patient and provider engagement

Labcorp Drug Development’s Patient Access Solutions will integrate Redi.Health’s digital support platform to offer patients and their care providers a variety of digital and traditional communications channels and tools with real-time data synching to help patients better manage their health.

Patient Access Solutions Capabilities

Patient Access Programs: 1,800+ Patient Support Team Members Team members are ready to empathetically provide patient-centric case management, provide insurance-related support services, assist with appeals, claims, and billing and coding inquiries. Clinical Services: 24/7 Nursing and Adherence Support Our 24/7 nursing and adherence experts support patients to start and stay on therapy. They are there to answer questions, provide clinical support and help patients feel comfortable with their medication decisions throughout their entire treatment journey. Co-pay and Affordability Assistance Our cost-sharing programs help connect qualified patients to your products more quickly and seamlessly with inventive, customized, and customer-friendly solutions, including PAP, co-pay and coverage navigation assistance. Non-Commercial Specialty Pharmacy Our specialty pharmacy distributes no-cost medication to patients. We operate various program types to provide prescription coordination and fulfillment to ensure patients receive therapy quickly. Market Access Consultations Draw upon the deep bench strength of our market access consultants who proactively monitor the reimbursement landscape and stay ahead of the ever-changing market and regulatory environment. Field Reimbursement: On Demand Support from Field Reimbursement Experts Our on demand field reimbursement team provides customers with on-site assistance with payer-related matters such as billing, pharmacy interactions, affordability and clinical education to ensure product access.

Maximizing Product Access and Patient Adherence

Gaining access to care can be a confusing, prolonged, multi-step process, entailing insurance research, financial assessment, back-and-forth communication and follow-up. Patients and healthcare providers look to companies’ support programs to assist each step of the way.

Whether you’re launching a new product or looking to transition to a new patient support provider, our market access team will partner with you to design and deliver differentiated support programs that coordinate services across all stakeholders to maximize product access and adherence.

Benefits That Set Your Patient Access Program Apart:

Mitigated risk and assurance of business continuity for your program

With multiple U.S. call centers, we are well-situated to provide you with the best talent and ability to scale your program while reducing the risk of interruption through unforeseen challenges.

Prioritized patient convenience via the patient service centers

With access to Labcorp's more than 1700 nationwide patient service centers, program-associated diagnostic testing is quickly integrated with maximum convenience, helping to drive patient access, adherence and safety monitoring.

Cost-efficiencies via a unique global service delivery model

We deliver cost-efficiencies through our global service delivery model, leveraging our own patient support staff in Labcorp drug development offices around the world.

Integration between our patient support and world-class pharmacovigilance (PV) services

Integrate your program with our world-class pharmacovigilance (PV) services, driving patient safety & program compliance.

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