Adherence in Healthcare

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We believe that an effective adherence program address not only treatment issues – such as cost and forgetfulness – but also the underlying psychological barriers patients face, such as fear of side effects, or poor self-efficacy. Our adherence utilizes principles of behavioral psychology to support patients’ needs and achieve desired outcomes. While every product and patient population is different, these programs have improved medication adherence as much as 30 percent. This translates into better health outcomes.

Our approach includes several components that we tailor to the particular product and patient population:

  • Risk assessment of patients to identify the best targets for intervention and to maximize your resources.
  • Personalized patient interventions that employ behavioral techniques to identify and address potential barriers
  • Provision of or coordination with existing programs that provide support with common treatment barriers, such as cost, forgetfulness, or disease/product knowledge
  • Care team coordination with the prescribing physician or other professionals to increase success and ensure integrated care
  • Predictive disease models to help you understand your patient population, the challenges they face, and how these challenges change and affect behavior over time 

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