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We offer a variety of creative ways to shorten the interval between prescriber determination and prescription fulfillment through our non-commercial Specialty Pharmacy.

  • Bridge/Free Trial/Sample Programs – Quick start options eliminate or reduce delays in therapy due to payer requirements (e.g., prior authorization process). Our specialty pharmacy may dispense your medication to eligible patients – with no patient out-of-pocket expense. 
  • Cost-Sharing Triage – Hotline service includes triaging patients to alternate financial assistance programs when appropriate. 
  • Online Verification Services – Streamlined online processes support your product, including patient eligibility and benefit verification. 
  • Prescription Triage Services – Dedicated outreach to participating pharmacies and providers can help determine a patient's prescription claim status and obtain authorization for a bridge supply of medication if needed. 
  • Pharmacist Support – On-call pharmacist support assists in locating medication for patients in emergencies. 
  • Commercial Distribution – We facilitate adjudication of pharmacy claims to a pharmacy benefit plan. Or we can bill it as a cash claim for the associated payment.

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