COVID-19 Trial Design & Patient Recruitment

Enable unparalleled data-driven insights for COVID-19 testing and drug development. Our Labcorp de-identified test results help you be responsive and nimble in a shifting patient landscape. The data is refreshed and uploaded daily so we can identify patient clusters, anticipate the next hot spot and help you refine your COVID-19 recruitment strategies.

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Reach patients directly and enable focused recruiting

Enhance an investigator’s ability to recruit by increasing awareness amongst patients who fit the eligibility requirements with our direct-to-consumer outreach program, Patient Direct. This program leverages information drawn from Labcorp test results that includes approximately 20% of the people who have been tested for COVID-19 in the U.S.

Navigate challenging trials in an intensive care unit (ICU)

Apply our past experience running challenging pneumonia studies with intubated patients and designing protocols that are optimized for patient recruitment and retention.

Accelerate Start Up with a highly collaborative partnership with our COVID-19 Response Team

Access a dedicated and highly coordinated COVID-19 Response Team that will help connect you to the right people and support any expedited drug development needs due to the urgency of the global pandemic 

Integrate patient-centric practices into your COVID-19 study protocol

Design patient-centric protocols around actual feedback from patients to improve recruitment and retention. Select the most productive and experienced sites leveraging our investigator recruitment performance data derived from over 50% of all global industry sponsored trials.

Employ decentralized trial solutions

Add hybrid elements to the traditional clinical trial model, such as eConsent, ePRO, eCOA and telemedicine technology, that together with our U.S.-based patient services centers and global home health services, can reduce the frequency of on-site visits and gather valuable patient data to inform decision making.

Experience enhanced visibility with Labcorp

Stay nimble and quickly react to changing landscapes. We can empower your trial with valuable data:

  • Count and location of positive COVID-19 cases in the U.S.
  • Age distribution of patients who’ve had tests vs. tested positive
  • Patient characteristics
  • Test volumes by City/Zip Code
  • Individual physician test volume
  • Individual physician type

Accelerate recruitment with Labcorp, as we:

  • Identify patient clusters that meet inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Fit your protocol to the patient, not the patient to the protocol
  • Create a data-driven strategy to maximize your recruitment potential 

Keep investigators, healthcare providers and patients safe

  • Incorporate home health visits and mobile sample collection
  • Partner with our local retail pharmacies and convenient diagnostic collection centers with 1,800+ Labcorp Patient Service Centers including more than 90 Labcorp-at-Walgreens locations
  • Streamline data collection – and the patient experience – with mobile apps, self-administered swab kits and connected device/wearable sensor solutions 

Improve patient enrollment and retention while reducing the frequency of on-site visits and gather valuable patient data to inform decision making. Together, we can enable focused, efficient COVID-19 clinical trials. 

Connect with our COVID-19 Response Team

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