Covance is Now Labcorp Drug Development

Covance is Now Labcorp Drug Development

Our name has changed but our mission remains the same—to continue bringing you advanced drug, device, and diagnostic breakthroughs.


Labcorp Acquires Toxikon, Expanding Nonclinical Development Testing Capabilities for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Clients

Transaction expands capacity and strengthens full-service testing portfolio.

About Us

Your Source for Advancing Healthcare

Leveraging our combined experience in both drug development and diagnostics, we are now stronger than ever. As one united team, Labcorp Drug Development will offer a level of scientific expertise that is unmatched in the industry. This change represents a continued commitment to our clients, and we remain dedicated to unlocking answers for patients across the healthcare continuum. We are excited to pave the way for more advancements to improve health and save lives.


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Start strategic conversations that kick-start partnering with the help of MarketPlace by Labcorp. One connection is made every month in our complimentary innovative platform that connects Asset Providers and Asset Seekers – learn how MarketPlace can propel your path forward.


2020 Global CRO Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

Congrats to our global team members for helping us make a difference for our sponsors—and patients around the world – to earn the honor of the 2020 Global CRO Company of the Year Award. We are proud to have earned this recognition through our dedication to helping sponsors navigate clinical trials, meeting changing regulatory guidelines, expediting development and rapidly adopting new technologies. 

A Transformational Approach to Clinical Trials

Transforming the Clinical Trial Experience to Streamline Drug Development Process

We go beyond decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) to deliver seamless tech-enabled, patient-centric enterprise solutions. Labcorp now offers a comprehensive and fully integrated patient, site and customer experience for DCTs.


We're in This Together

Whether you are developing a COVID-19 assay, a vaccine to prevent patients from getting COVID-19, an antiviral or a treatment to mitigate the severe immunological response (cytokine storm) associated with COVID-19, we can partner with you to provide critical drug development and diagnostic services to address the global pandemic.

SparC of Innovation magazine 

Redefining nonclinical development with investments that matter

Redefining nonclinical development all started with listening to you. We now have innovation initiatives that span the globe–to expand capacity, enhance technology and produce better ways of working. Our mission is to ensure you have the insight, speed and flexibility you need to advance your programs and successfully pursue answers to life-changing breakthroughs. Find out more in the latest edition of our SparC of Innovation magazine.


Join the Pursuit 

At Labcorp, we deliver answers for crucial health questions—because the more we know, the better life can be. Our more than 70,000 employees across the world reach more than 160 million patients each year. With this unmatched global scale and scientific expertise, we are driving countless innovations in areas including oncology, biomarkers and companion diagnostics, vaccines, specialty and general testing, data analytics, virtual clinical trials and commercialization services. We are innovating for millions. 

Labcorp Drug Development By the Numbers

Involved in the development of all 50

of the top selling drugs in 2020

In 2020, helped to develop 100%

of oncology drugs approved by the FDA

Pivotal in the development of 87%

of all drugs approved by the FDA in 2020

Helped develop drugs in 100+

countries around the world

Thought Leadership

COVID-19: Vaccine innovation and safety at pandemic speed

COVID-19: Vaccine innovation and safety at pandemic speed

Blog Posts
The global spread of COVID-19 and its great impact on the health and wellbeing of our population has imposed a race to develop an effective vaccine at unprecedented speed. A development process that usually spans several years is being compressed into one year - or less. Safety is a vital part of this process, and so we identified and discussed several key factors and considerations around safety in vaccine development. This article provides a synopsis of our insights.
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Closing the Gap in Pediatric Oncology Drug Development: The Regulatory Landscape and the RACE for Children Act

Closing the Gap in Pediatric Oncology Drug Development: The Regulatory Landscape and the RACE for Children Act

The current regulatory environment can help support sponsors with the complex efforts involved in pediatric oncology drug development, as regulatory agencies and legislative acts have helped encourage, incentivize or even require the conduct of pediatric trials in other indications. This white paper provides a brief history of how pediatric cancer treatments have progressed, outlines how regulatory changes have impacted the field of pediatric drug development and provides guidance on applying current regulations, such as the RACE for Children Act, which is focused on pediatric oncology. This change should serve to enhance an inclusive regulatory strategy for oncologic drug development.
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Medical Device Development: Preclinical and Experimental Surgery Solution

Medical Device Development: Preclinical and Experimental Surgery Solution

Info Sheets
The preclinical stage of medical device development comes with a unique set of challenges. You need to determine if your device materials are safe and biologically compatible and whether your prototype will fit and work the way you intended. Labcorp Medical Device and Diagnostic Development has the expertise and the resources to support your preclinical work. Craft the optimal preclinical strategy by collaborating with our device development specialists. Then, access the preclinical resources you need to carry out your strategy. Whether you are exploring a promising device concept, initiating a comprehensive testing plan or conducting a single study, Labcorp Medical Device and Diagnostic Development can help you prove out your device in its earliest stage of development.
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Patient-Centric Field Reimbursement  Quadruples Enrollment, Increases Stakeholder Satisfaction

Patient-Centric Field Reimbursement Quadruples Enrollment, Increases Stakeholder Satisfaction

A top-5 pharmaceutical company partnered with us to provide field reimbursement management (FRM) services for their autoimmune infusion therapy program. Learn more about how we played a critical role in facilitating enrollment and stakeholder satisfaction.
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