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Custom Antibody Reagents

Providing you with an end-to-end service to generate antibody reagents against a variety of antigen types in a broad range of host species. For nearly five decades, we’ve been refining services and capabilities to help you manage the entire antibody development process.

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Polyclonal & monoclonal antibody production

Purification, labeling and characterization of antibodies

Hybridoma generation, characterization and scale-up of non-GLP assay qualification and sample analysis

Custom Antibody Capabilities

Because no two studies are alike, you'll get a package of services, designed around your specific needs

Choose from a complete portfolio of custom tool and critical antibody reagent development services while performing your other nonclinical studies. We provide regional and global solutions to help you access:

  • Committed teams with extensive experience supporting large and small molecule development
  • Expertise in biotherapeutic analysis by LC-MS to provide you the efficiency, selectivity and robustness essential for large-molecule studies
  • Innovative technology platforms such as Gyros™, MSD, ELISA, AB Sciex, Hamilton Star® and Bio-Plex® to deliver efficient quality results
  • Integrated bioanalytical solutions to support your non-regulated and regulated nonclinical data for discovery and safety assessment

Tool Antibody Reagents

Tool antibody reagents are standard antibody generation services for use in characterization of the target in basic/academic settings or exploratory drug discovery research. Services include monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production ranging from a few milligrams to large quantities.

Critical Antibody Reagents

Critical antibody reagents are used in a regulated drug development setting and include both polyclonal and monoclonal anti-drug antibodies, anti-idiotypic antibodies and anti-host cell protein antibodies. These reagents are generated with extensive documentation, additional levels of characterization and often larger quantities to last for the duration of the product's lifecycle.

  • Polyclonal Antibodies

    The complete portfolio of custom antibody services includes peptide synthesis, antibody production, conjugation, purification, labeling and characterization. Producing polyclonal antibodies involves three phases: immunization, monitoring of immune response and antigen-specific affinity purification. Each step is customizable, and we’ll work with you to create an optimized production schedule to maximize serum volumes and antibody titers.

  • Monoclonal Antibodies

    A full range of production services are available in diverse rodent strains. You can choose in vivo or in vitro production protocols, and adapt the protocols for small or large quantities depending on your needs.

  • Anti-Idiotype Antibodies

    As leading providers in custom anti-ID antibody development, our teams will bring unique scientific expertise to your anti-ID project such as:

    • Biotherapeutics and large molecules
    • Full-length or truncated antibodies
    • F(ab’)2, Fab and single chain antibody fragments

    By partnering with us, you will benefit from our extensive capabilities in generating capture reagents for PK/TK studies, positive controls for neutralizing assays and antigen imaging.

  • Hybridomas

    Generate hybridomas against a large array of antigens and keep all cell lines developed by us as your exclusive property. Also, all four hybridoma development stages – immunization, fusion and screening, subcloning and clone stabilization – are customizable.

     With extensive in vitro/vivo scale-up capabilities to suit any size of project, you can experience a wide array of additional immunology services. These include cell line expansion, PBMC isolation, isotyping and Mycoplasma testing.

  • Anti-Host Cell Protein Antibodies (Anti-HCP)

    Since having host cell proteins present in your recombinant protein preparations can compromise the product’s safety and quality, it is vital to reduce this contamination to the lowest level possible.  

    Anti-HCP antibody development comprises an in vivo stage for capture and detection, and an in vitro stage for purification, characterisation, and conjugation. The first stage is supported by our extensive in-house experience with multiple species, so you can choose the best model to suit your unique requirements. For the second stage, our dedicated immunochemistry lab provides a variety of customisable options.

    We can help you every step of the way, with our custom reagent and method development for anti-HCP assays:

    • Custom reagent and method development
    • Assay development/validation (ELISA)
    • Qualification and validation
    • Routine testing
    • Assay transfer
  • Anti-Drug Antibodies

    By partnering with leading providers of custom ADA development, you will benefit from our scientific expertise across the development process as well as our extensive capabilities in custom reagent development and related ADA services, including development of PK, TK, and potency assays.

    Our key skills involve generating positive control for PK/TK studies and capture reagents for potency assays. We have a dedicated immunochemistry lab providing protein A/G and/or antigen-specific purifications, along with various options for depleting cross-reactive antibodies.

    Whether your goal is method or matrix validation, or assessing drug tolerance, assay sensitivity or minimum required dilutions, you can choose from a full suite of ADA capabilities for these molecule types such as: 

    • Biotherapeutics and large molecules
    • Full-length or truncated antibodies
    • Peptides
    •  Various adjuvants

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Antibody Reagent Spotlight - Generating positive control antibodies for your Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) assay

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