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DART Infusion Services

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Broad infusion expertise for your nonclinical studies.

If your drug is intended for vascular administration, you want a partner that’s well versed in the specialty route of administration of infusion with state of the art surgery and delivery equipment. Get a variety of innovative vascular delivery methods, from 24/7 continuous infusion, intermittent infusion, and slow bolus injection techniques — for rodent and non-rodent models. You’ll also benefit from advanced infusion technologies to make your unique study objectives possible.

We partner with you on the following infusion capabilities

Ambulatory and Tethered

  • Indwelling catheters
  • Percutaneous catheters
  • Vascular Access Ports
  • Tail vein infusion
  • Ear vein infusion

Surgically implanted pumps

  • Micro infusion pumps
  • Special delivery techniques

Special Techniques

  • Intrathecal
  •  Intraintestinal
  •  Intraarterial
  •  Intracerebroventricular 
  • Subcutaneous

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