Specimen Management

Build additional efficiencies into your process with on-site sample bioprocessing, such as nucleic acid extraction.

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Samples simply spend less time in transit. And when testing is complete, all annotated specimen data are managed by validated informatics platforms to help translate your scientific discoveries into promising therapies.

Ensure specimen safety and integrity in our purpose-built biorepository backed by fully redundant power supplies and auditable tracking systems throughout the chain of custody.

Additional insights may be hidden in your samples

Analyzing data across multiple studies or across multiple laboratories can yield deeper insights, whether it’s understanding adverse events more clearly or fueling new discoveries. The GlobalCODE® specimen lifecycle management service – a stand-alone service offering -- combines codified informed consent with specimen, clinical and biomarker data from laboratory and other relevant sources to enable:

  • Tracking and reviewing test results within and across protocols
  • End-to-end sample lifecycle management with a unified view of sample metadata
  • Track full sample chain of custody to facilitate in-life trial risk management
  • Link consent at the sample level in a searchable format/report
  • Confirm allowed sample use in real-time to maximize the value of your biorepository

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